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Chad Brown – Your Expert Disability Lawyer with over 17 years of experience representing disability clients.  We help you by fighting the system designed to work against you.

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Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into winning my disability case. It is truly appreciated. Winning this case is an answer to prayer. I can now move forward with my life. It is such a relief to no longer have this issue hanging over my head.
Wanda H.

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Chad Brown Law Fights the Social Security System for You

We know that dealing with the Social Security Administration is frustrating. You have to talk to people whom you don’t know about your disability, fill out confusing and time-consuming paperwork, and track down all of your past medical records.


And you’re doing all this while…


… living with a disability
… keeping up with doctor’s appointments
… conquering your daily aches and pains
… trying to support a family that depends on you

Things can become difficult when you’re unable to work, pay your bills, and you can’t get the medical treatment and medications you need.

You’re not alone.

We’re here to help you. We know how to navigate the Social Security system because we’ve done it thousands of times before.

Our passion is helping people with life-altering disabilities get the disability benefits and medical insurance they need – people like you.

Thank you for all of y’all that helped with my case. I was about to give up but glad I didn’t. I highly recommend you all. Thank you!

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Smart, resourceful, and uncomplicated legal solutions our clients appreciate

No Fee Unless We Win

Being disabled and unable to work can leave you with little money to spare. We take away part of that burden by not requiring you to pay for legal services unless we win your case.

We don’t get paid until you get the benefits you need to get your life back on track.

We’ve Got Your Back

Navigating the Social Security system can be overwhelming. Before you know it, you have been on the phone for hours (if you can even get a real person to speak to you), you have stacks of paperwork to complete, and you have a family that you don’t know how to provide for.

We take care of all of the paperwork and the stress of dealing with the Social Security Administration so you don’t have to.

We’re Ready To Fight For You

The Social Security Administration would rather deny your claim than take the time to review it properly. At Chad Brown Law, we make them listen to your story and follow the rules that allow you to get paid.

Together, we will build powerful arguments explaining why you should win your case. We also prepare to defend your case against the factors that could cause you to lose.

We fight for you until you get the disability benefits and medical insurance you and your family deserve.


It’s time you felt empowered by working with a law firm that fights the Social Security system every day — and has helped thousands before you.

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You Need a Disability Lawyer If:

  • You won’t be able to work for a period greater than one year due to physical or mental disability
  • You’re thinking about applying for disability
  • You’re feeling overwhelmed by not knowing where or how to start the disability process
  • You’re worried about not having medical insurance or the medications you need
  • You’ve already applied for disability and were denied

Having a lawyer on your side who understands the disability system improves your chances of success — whether you’re thinking about applying for disability or you’ve already applied for benefits and were denied.

The process of applying for your disability benefits can be a difficult life-altering affair. We’re here to answer all of your questions and support you through this process whatever your needs may be.

Meet One of North Carolina’s Top Expert Disability Lawyers – Chad Brown

Hi, I’m Chad Brown. I’ve been fighting the Social Security Administration for over 17 years. I am one of a select few of lawyers who hold the NC Board Certified Social Security Disability Law Specialist Certificate. My team helps claimants in North and South Carolina navigate the treacherous waters of the Social Security disability system daily.

We don’t dabble in handling just a few disability law cases. We specialize in Social Security disability law.  As a team, we handle every case with a sharp eye for detail and treat each client with gentle care. No one should be denied their disability claim or the ability to live the prosperous lives they deserve with those they love.

I love helping people with physical and emotional disabilities solve their legal problems.  I want to make a long-lasting impact on my clients’ lives. I’m incredibly passionate about the work I do and supporting my clients through this difficult process.

We Can Help You With Your Disability Claim In 3 Easy Steps:

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Make a Plan

Once we review your case, we’ll work together to create a personalized plan that specifically fits you and your family’s needs.

Experience Relief

Experience the relief of working with an expert lawyer and a firm that knows how to navigate the Social Security system.