Reforming the Social Security Disability Income Program

As a disability attorney in Greensboro, we know there are many experts who believe that reforms are needed in the Social Security Disability Income program which serves as a lifeline for millions of Americans. The program’s costs have risen dramatically in recent years – $143 billion in 2015 – and there are forecasts that the disability portion of the Social Security Trust Fund will be exhausted in 2022 if present trends continue.

Contrary to what some allege, the rising costs are not due to fraud but are caused more by problems such as an aging population, along with the current rules for qualifying for and continuing to receive disability benefits.

As presently structured, SSDI’s rules require that applicants must be unable to engage in any “substantial gainful activity.” What this means is that recipients have every incentive to cease working completely in order to qualify and then avoid rehabilitation for fear of losing their benefits.

In fact, only a tiny percentage of SSDI beneficiaries return to the workforce once they leave.

For the severely disabled, the choice to leave and remain out of the workforce is made for them by their circumstances, but for others the situation is murkier.

In reality, there are many recipients who are physically or psychologically challenged but still employable. And it is this group that could most benefit by reforming the current rules. They shouldn’t have to choose between benefits and work.

One reform that has been suggested is to encourage recipients who are not permanently disabled to return to the work force as benefits are gradually phased out, rather than losing all benefits as soon as they start working.

A reform of this type would not just save the system a great deal of money. Perhaps a greater benefit would be to encourage many recipients to move gradually back into the workforce, regaining not only income but the dignity that comes from work.

We have years of experience practicing as a disability attorney in Greensboro. We are well aware of the complexities of the present system, and we want to help those who are genuinely in need.

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