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License Suspension for DWI

In North Carolina, before your DWI case is brought to court your license will be taken away immediately upon being pulled over and suspended once the DMV is notified. It can be suspended for a minimum of 30 days, but it is possible to receive limited driving privileges depending on your case. In terms of the length of your suspension, it depends on if this is your first, second, third, or more offense and even then it can vary because it is all case-by-case with many other factors that can determine the length and severity. Chad Brown Law Firm will explain all your options and look into all possible ways to lift the suspension on your license.


Requirements Depending on Offense

For your first DWI offense, your license suspension could last up to a year, a discretionary pre-hearing is not allowed and a hearing after mandated minimum time is not allowed. In North Carolina, your first offense may not result in a year’s suspension, it is determined by your specific circumstances and the decision of the court. Your second DWI offense can result in a 4-year suspension, with no discretionary pre-hearing allowed, however, a hearing allowed after mandated minimum time (2 years) to determine if your suspension can be lifted early. On your third DWI offense your license can be permanently suspended with no discretionary pre-hearing allowed, however, a hearing is allowed after mandated minimum time (3 years from last conviction date) and your suspension can possibly be lifted depending on the circumstances.

It is illegal to drive while your license is suspended. If you drive while your license is revoked, you may be charged with a Class 1 misdemeanor and could face a fine and/or jail time. A court in North Carolina would decide how much your fine would be and the jail sentence would depend on whether you have previous convictions for driving after suspension.


Reinstate Your License

Chad Brown Law Firm can help you determine the process you have to go through to reinstate your license in North Carolina. Typically, you have to pay $65 for restoration of your driver’s license, however, with a DWI conviction you have to pay $130 plus a service fee of $50. The service fee does not apply if you gave the DMV your license prior to the effective date of suspension. You also may have to pay other fees depending on your conviction and what the court decides.

It is very important to comply with the law when your license is suspended. Chad Brown Law will ensure you understand what you need to do to get your license back as quickly as possible without any additional fees or problems. We are here to help you understand because the process can be complicated and we want to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible.

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