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Drugged Driving

In the state of North Carolina, a person commits the act of drugged driving if they drive any motor vehicle while under the influence of an impairing substance or with any amount of a Schedule I controlled substance in the metabolites of their blood or urine. North Carolina employs a zero tolerance rule when person drives after using a Scheduled I controlled substance, regardless of whether or not the person is actually impaired. With non-Schedule I controlled substances, a person is considered DWI if after driving a motor vehicle their physical and/or mental faculties or both are appreciably impaired.

Drugged driving charges often require the use of blood tests. Law enforcement officers and the State labs routinely make mistakes collecting and processing evidence in these complex cases. Additionally, law enforcement officers routinely overstate the effects of medications taken and used – often medications routinely used within the regular population while driving with no impact or impairment at all. Understanding both the impact of medications and drugs and the specific procedures that must be followed to collect evidence in these cases is essential to defending a charge of drugged driving DWI.


DWI Penalties

Penalties for drugged driving (DWI) vary in degrees of severity, but hiring an attorney provides the best chance of receiving the minimum possible penalty. North Carolina DWI penalties depend on a variety of factors including the concentration of the drug in your blood or urine, prescription medication usage, driving record, age, and the situation surrounding your DWI incident. Penalties can include license suspension, community service, probation, fines, jail time, compulsory alcohol abstinence, and ignition interlock systems. Being charged with drugged driving (DWI) will cost you time, money, and energy. A person charged with drugged driving (DWI) needs someone who understands what’s at stake for you personally and is experienced in DWI laws to represent them. An attorney should understand North Carolina’s DWI laws so they can provide the best and most plausible defense. The attorney you choose will serve as the defender and liaison between you and the system that is designed to prosecute and punish you. Hiring an attorney who is skilled and experienced can be a great benefit to the DWI defendant navigating the powerful government system trying to punish them.


Chad Brown Law

If you have been charged with drugged driving it is important to contact DWI attorney Chad Brown right away. As your attorney, he will aggressively fight for the best outcome for your case. Mr. Brown has years of experience understanding the impact of medications and their side effects. He also has a Nurse Practitioner on staff that helps understand the true impact of medication usage on a person’s driving faculties. Call Chad Brown Law so his team can get started assessing your case and preparing the best defense.

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