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What Makes Our Firm Different

Chad Brown Law is a small law firm in western North Carolina committed to helping persons with physical and emotional disabilities obtain Social Security Disability benefits and to representing persons charged with traffic violations, DWI and minor criminal matters.  While each client is different and has different needs both personally and with respect to their case, we strive to serve all clients within a framework of values that we would expect if we were in need of legal services.  Those values are outlined below.

Respect For Our Clients

  • We believe that all persons are made in the image of God and should be treated with the dignity and respect deserved from being one of God’s image bearers.  Our representation of clients and how we treat our clients is in no way influenced by external matters such as race, national origin, social status, socio economic level, or even the quality of their case.  It is a privilege to serve those made in the image of God for whom Jesus Christ lived and died.

Love For Our Clients

  • We are able to love because God first loved us.  As God through Jesus Christ demonstrated His love for us, we are called to demonstrate our love for one another.  While love is manifested in relationships in many different ways, we seek to love our clients through service and humble obedience as we assist them in navigating difficult and stressful legal and personal matters.

Prayer For And With Our Clients

  • Prayer is a privilege wherein we can talk to and communicate with the Lord Jesus Christ that both created and redeemed us.  We believe that God is active in prayer revealing His will for us and our lives.  We also believe that God hears our prayers and uses them to accomplish His will.  As followers of Jesus Christ, we are called to pray without ceasing and to pray both with and for the saints.  We regularly pray for our clients and the issues in their cases and welcome the opportunity to pray with our clients when they so desire.

Listening To Our Clients

  • Solving legal problems requires an attorney to understand the law and the facts of a specific case.  Many attorneys are in too big of a hurry to determine the proper course of action in a case because they assume they know the facts and fail to listen to their clients.  We listen to our clients – it is the only way to know how truly to help them.

Talking With Our Clients

Our client’s deal with a large range of issues both legally and personally.  When our clients call, we strive to resolve their issue during that conversation if at all possible.  If we can’t, our goal is to return all calls within 24 hours so we can help our clients with whatever their issue may be.

Educating Our Clients

  • The internet is both a blessing and a curse.  While it gives an abundant amount of information, often that information is incorrect.  This issue is further complicated by the bad information often given out by government agencies and people down the street.  Misinformation can cause significant anxiety and can be a real source of trouble and heartache for our clients.  Through our web site, books, articles, and educated and experienced staff, we seek to make sure our clients always have accurate information about their case and the law and issues that impact their case.  When our clients have questions, we encourage them to always call us first so that we can make sure the information they receive is accurate.

Solving Our Cleints’ Legal Problems

  • At the most basic level, our goal is to solve our clients’ legal problems to bring about the best possible result for their cases based on their specific circumstances.  Problem solving is what we do – and we do it well.

Giving Clients Honest Feedback About Their Cases

  • Clients always ask us if they have a good case, what we think about their case, and if we think we can win their case.  Our position with case evaluations and opinions as we prepare for trial is simple – honesty is the best policy.  People don’t need false hope nor do they need lofty promises about their case – what they need is an honest assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of their case and clear advice on what actions need to be taken to reach the best result.  Candidly, our clients do not always like our assessments of their cases, but you can rest assured our assessments are honest, informed and fair based on the facts of each specific case.

Understanding Our Clients’ Circumstances

  • We strive to understand the facts in our clients’ cases.  We also strive to learn about our clients as well.  Individual circumstances, while not always relevant to the case facts, often determine what actions we as lawyers should take.  Every person’s circumstances and needs are different.  We take the time to understand our clients’ circumstances because only then can we help them choose the best course of action.

Guiding Our Clients

  • Legal matters, especially those involving the government, are often nearly impossible to navigate on your own.  Traveling through treacherous waters where you have everything potentially to lose requires a skilled guide.  We guide our clients every day in unfamiliar waters helping them to avoid disaster and find the security and stability they seek and need.

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