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Second Offense Misdemeanor Drug Charges in North Carolina

When a person has a prior misdemeanor conviction under the North Carolina Controlled Substances Act (for example misdemeanor possession of marijuana), a subsequent or later charge for misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance carries a higher punishment level. Most people have no idea this punishment enhancement for repeat offenders exists. For example, a person with a class 1 misdemeanor possession of marijuana conviction who after the conviction is later charged with a second class 1 misdemeanor possession of marijuana will be charged instead with a Class I felony. Repeat misdemeanor possession of drug charges can be more serious than most people, especially young people, think. If you are charged with misdemeanor drug possession and have a prior conviction for misdemeanor drug possession you should consult with an attorney immediately. Many people who have dealt with a misdemeanor drug possession charge in the past think it is no big deal – never realizing they may be in far more trouble then they know. Call Chad Brown Law today if you are facing a second charge for misdemeanor possession of drugs. We can help you determine what is really at stake with your charges and help you plan the best course of action to face them.

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