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Underage Alcohol Possession

Alcohol & Minors

The minimum age for alcohol use in North Carolina is 21 years old. Those under the age of 21 are deemed “minors” and are restricted from activities involving alcohol including the purchase of alcohol, consumption of alcohol, possession of alcohol, and misrepresentation of age in an attempt to acquire or consume alcohol. Laws and penalties for underage drinking vary based on the nature of the alcohol-related offense.


North Carolina Law

In North Carolina, underage drinking is not an offense taken lightly. Generally, the consumption, purchase, or possession of alcohol by a minor in North Carolina is considered a Misdemeanor criminal offense. Fines for underage alcohol related crimes can be in the hundreds of dollars plus court costs. These penalties may increase if the minor has an open container of alcohol in a vehicle. Minors may also be subject to community service and may be required to attend programs for alcohol education and/ or counseling.


Underage DWI

When a minor drives a vehicle after consuming alcohol, the penalties become even greater. North Carolina has a zero-tolerance policy for minors operating a motor vehicle after consuming alcohol. Any minor operating a motor vehicle with a Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) level above 0.00 is in violation of North Carolina law and can face stiff fines and penalties including the revocation of their privilege to drive and active jail time. Second offense DWI charges for minors increase penalties even further. Car insurance premiums will also increase if a minor receives a DWI conviction. (ADD LINK TO Other Article on Underage DWI)


What Minors Face

The fate of a minor who is charged with an alcohol related crime depends on the circumstances of each individual case and how their case is presented to the prosecutor, judge, or jury. For the best odds of avoiding a conviction or reducing sentencing, minors and/or their parents should consider hiring a criminal defense attorney to help them understand and deal with the alcohol related charges they are facing. Only after understanding what is at stake based on the facts of the individual case can a person make the best decisions moving forward.


Hire A Lawyer You Can Trust

Chad Brown is a criminal defense attorney in North Carolina. He understands the special needs of teenagers and college aged students charged with alcohol related crimes. Contact Chad Brown to get your case evaluation today. Don’t risk jeopardizing your future over an underage drinking ticket or alcohol related charge. Call today for immediate help!

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